Snowy Senior Sessions

It was the last Senior Session of the year, and oh my goodness what a magical evening it was. Mairen and I traveled to a little known park down the road from our hometown and danced (in what was left of) the snow and the open fields.

The cold air left cool blue tones on the trees and the sky was a perfect colorful cloud painting. Not to mention, Mairen is a modern day snow white and it was a wonderful moment to let loose with her and create some magic.

We also started a new photography series today called #watchmespin because what better what to make yourself laugh than spinning yourself into a dizzy dancing mess? The new series is inspired by my inspiring love, Laurken Kendall. (If you aren’t following her now, you should be. Otherwise you can’t sit with us.)

Enjoy the magical snowy moments and make sure to find yourself some winter wonderland too ❤️

Juniper and The Gentles

I’ve become moderately obsessed (who am I kidding, I’ve hit stalker level) with an amazing musical duo named Gentle Temper. These two have been traveling far and wide and this year have been nominated for Boston Music Awards, Best New Artist of The Year.

Recently they played alongside a local solo artist close to my heart, JuniperGinger at Empire Live Music & Events here in Portland, ME. The show was tight knit and small which always makes for a magical evening as the audience is filled with close friends and followers of the bands and artists that come to play.

JuniperGinger opened with her soft tones and heart opening lyrics and created a smooth and welcoming atmosphere. It helps that she’s a wiz with melodic chord and note progressions that balance her words of adventure and happy memory moments.

I’ve known Alex or JuniperGinger for a year now and her musical knowledge and ability to always make my insides warm with her music, astounds me.

Gentle Temper shortly opened up the stage afterwards and holy moly they make life exciting. With tones that feel like you’re stretching across water but still dancing in the waves; their music invites warmth and chilling inner realizations that make your insides feel like they’re dancing.

They are a treasure to watch and even more so to listen to and all I really suggest is that you catch a show and follow their journey of vocal ballads from Marion and guitar riffs you dream about from Ryan. They are music to your ears and food for your soul; while also being the raddest, baddest, coolest cats in town.

Long story short, I love capturing their shows; enjoy ❤️

K + J + N

Family sessions are some of my favorites. Posing kids is never easy but I try and base my family sessions around a family activity or adventure and little Natalie took that to heart. We traveled to Willard Beach in South Portland and played on the playground for a while before Natalie decided that she wanted to climb some rocks and “fly.” Boy oh boy this kiddo kept Mom and Dad busy and I followed behind capturing all those “inflight” moments. Nothing made Natalie happier than being up high about all of us and jumping off whatever surface she could find.

But besides the adventure, it’s so clear how much love this family has and it was so wonderful to capture some magic within the whirlwind moments.

Queen D

Deidre has been one of those creatives I have known for a long time. The first time I had a chance to shoot with her was her engagement session with her wife, and both D and Theresa were magical beings up for whatever creative pose and image I suggested (a.k.a that dream couple). We created so many gorgeous images that are still to this day some of my favorites.

Over the years since we’ve been getting more nitty gritty with our creative outlets and Deidre especially has become this crazy amazing model who is constantly putting out new images better than the last; so naturally I like to make sure she makes a regular appearance in front of my lens.

We got together for a spur of the moment session and created same badassery for the books! Go make sure to follow Deidre’s journey through her creative outlets, and also enjoy these blue hour images we captured on a rusty old bridge.


Stains of a Sunflower

It was Halloween when I first witnessed Stains of a Sunflower and all their beautiful confident glory. It was a group made up of a she-pirate and various snackable items (all costumes of course). I’d been visiting the Dog Fish Bar and Grill pretty regularly for their open-mic night and Stains was one of those “they started and their sound got me hooked” bands.

Almost a year later I was able to photograph Stains Farewell Show for Maine a couple weeks before their big move to California. Their sound is one for the books (and one to get you moving too)! I feel big things coming for them and can’t wait to see how far they go. Enjoy some shots from their captivating and electric show!

Can’t Stop Won’t Stop

Usually when I am going through enormous, life changing moments, I am constantly reminded of the things, people, and moments that have pushed me as far as I have come.

Tonight, only two days after the most amazing and unreal night of my life (blog post coming later), I took words from a past summer love of mine who told me something I am never going to forget; They were the kind of person who looked at you and not only saw everything you were, but everything you could be. Before they left my life they sat me down on a patio chair and told me point blank “don’t ever fucking stop” and I’ve been living that way since.

It’s like they knew I was forgetting to fight for the life I wanted and needed, and it took me a while to understand (a couple heart breaks and severe life changing discoveries to be precise) exactly what they meant. But don’t worry; I get it now.

So tonight, I took out my wonderful friend Courtney and created some much needed images. Mostly because I realize it’s all hard work and drive from here and I’m not even close to done yet. 😊 (Are emojis even allowed in blogs? Who knows, but I’ll be that trend setter if you need me to.)

Check out some artsy, Mango Street Lab inspired, images of Courtney (while she and I nurse some gnarly killer bug bites). Enjoy my loves.


Subaru Loves to Care

I had the pleasure of capturing a Blanket Donation from Patriot Subaru and the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society to Mercy Hospital in Portland, ME this afternoon. What an amazing experience and I was so happy and touched to be a part of such a community event from one local organization supporting another.

If you haven’t heard of the LLS Society, please check them out. They do amazing work for hospitals and organizations all across the country for those suffering and battling cancer and life threatening illnesses.


It’s always an amazing thing to have friends who know you best share special days with you. Recently my old roommate (and life side-kick) Cece came into town to visit and we spent the perfect afternoon taking portraits, drinking local beer, and playing with her pups Milo and Otis.

Never take those perfect days for granted.. especially when your favorite human lives in Michigan and can only visit a couple times a year.

Thank you for the day friend.. I love you and those fur-babies forever.

M & I Prom Date 2018

It’s always an amazing thing to watch your younger siblings grow up and go through similar experiences that you have yourself. This year, my youngest brother is graduating high school and leaving for college in VT this coming fall. It has been eye opening to watch someone you’ve grown up with, grow into themselves and take steps towards their own life. 

Okay sentimental soliloquy over… long story longer, my brother had his senior prom this past weekend (insert an absurd amount of crying emojis here) and he and his girlfriend were the most stunning couple ever; and I am saying this in the most unbiased way possible, I promise. I was lucky enough to photograph the small moments in-between family photograph sessions and before they left and it turned into a wonderful mini session! We created some pretty adorable photographs (if I do say so myself) and I was super honored to be able to give them these memories for later! So happy for the two of them; they are total gems and I could not be more proud.

Courtney - Cousin’s Island

I haven’t been spending as much time shooting as I could these past couples years. The most important lesson I have learned from taking time off from photographing is that when you stop doing the things that you love, you start to lose pieces of yourself. 

My friend Courtney is usually the best person to have self epiphany conversations with; as both of us have gone through similar life experiences. She and I decided that we needed an afternoon to just love ourselves again - so off we went to venture and chased the light to Cousin’s Island in Yarmouth, ME (a hometown favorite place) and shot some basic portraits that felt just like coming home. 

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